Adventures in Meal Planning

Since we plan on moving into our new house in the next few weeks, “C” and I are trying to use up all the food we currently have on hand. We usually just pick our meals spur of the moment and run to the store for the things we need. It is not a very good system and we end up throwing a lot of our perishables away before we use them. To save time and money, we have decided we want to try our hand at meal planning. To start, I searched for free printable meal planners and found a few that I really like here:

I personally used the menu from I haven’t planned my meals yet, because I need to go through my pantry and freezer to see what I have on hand first. Once I get the first week done, I will update with an example for you all to see!


** Update **
I finished my first week of menu planning. Here it is:




2 thoughts on “Adventures in Meal Planning

  1. Thanks for linking back to my site! I’m glad you are planning your meals. The one you chose is the one that I use. I actually laminated it and use a dry-erase marker to update it every week!

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